Women's Bathroom Sign Cape

Women’s Bathroom Sign Cape

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Women's Bathroom Sign Cape

Clever Campaign Will Change The Way You See Women's Bathroom Signs Forever. launched by Tania and Axosoft, reimagines it as a woman in a cape.
Instead of the dress-wearing bathroom sign figure we're used to, Katan's signs feature a woman in a superhero-style cape, along with the slogan,. Is A Campaign That Will Change The Way You Look At Women's Bathroom Signs Forever.
Instead of the dress-wearing bathroomsign figure we're used to, her sign features a woman in a superhero-style cape with the slogan, “It was never a dress.”. Turns out the women's bathroom sign is actually a superhero silhouette.
. software developer Axosoft, the character on the women's restroom sign isn't wearing a dress. That innocuous triangle shape is really a superhero-style cape.
Explore Wonder Women, Wonder Woman Funny, and more!. Creative Reveals Women's Bathroom Sign Figure Is Wearing a Super Cape. Did it ever occur to .
image a women's bathroom symbol, in which the dress is revealed to be a superhero cape.

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